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Sources to manufacture things  cover a multitude of opportunities and entail a thorough knowledge of what you need. Our services in this regard are pro-bono as we want to extend our relationships without any strings attached.  It is our way of giving back the respect that good honest people deserve. Our list of  proven resources we have used over the years and have shown to us their patterns of behavior are consistent with good ethics. Just select the  category you need and and email us your request and we will give you  the names of the organization and their location along with a person that is point of contact. Unfortunately we have not been able to validate all my friends  yet so if you are not on the list please understand it does not mean you are less of a resource we  just have not had the pleasure to do business with you.

A  tip to remember is , regardless of what the market you focus on the main reason we want to help with our expertise is so you can make more a profit.

 Defining your product development partners by the industries they serve may not always be the most economical choice when it comes to selecting a mold maker.  Another way to identify a mold making partner that can get you the best cost to manufacture is defined by a shape, either round or square or by a high volume or low volume expertise.

The means if you want to reduce your capital expenditures for molds you need to let us help you identify the shops that have the right equipment that either caters to the geometry of your product by either round or square manufacturing processes.  In addition some mold shops are more competent in making short run parts versus high volume production processes. So market sectors can be helpful but these other ways do make more sense from a cost stand point.

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