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Manufacturing Process Improvement Consultant

Those who are new to manufacturing product development may think product development is a onetime deal; that everything is in place, and all the expectations are known from the outset. New developers may envision get rich schemes, where they bring an idea to the table with no money or time to develop it, then  and “voila” we have produced it  and it is on the shelf ready to sell so you can start socking away your profits.

The truth is, product development is an ongoing process. The original idea may be sound, but production and assembly costs may price the product out of the market.

Our manufacturing process improvement consultation service includes an in-depth product analysis, an evaluation of your overall performance and recommendations for a productivity improvement strategy. 

We provide recommendations that will:

  • Reduce molding cycle time
  • Streamline assembly processes
  • Improve product performance

If you want to have the best shot at getting somewhere, follow someone who has been there. Your product is your idea; our product is the experience and knowledge that will keep you from making costly errors. We can tell you how to manufacture your product with the lowest cost long term, and help you to improve it as you go for even better results.