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We have been involved with a vast number of projects over the years, including these well-known products:

  • Ray-O-Vac battery chargers
  • Brute deodorant canisters
  • P&G - Downy balls
  • Gillette shaving can dispenser caps
  • 28 mm water closures
  • Polaroid cameras


Here are some of our projects that are relevant for today’s entrepreneur:


The creation of the molds for this program required the molding of chain that was created by the team I represented. The design for the molding of the chain was a first. In addition we were responsible for the creating the molds for molding for the replacement of the rubber valve with a thermo plastic rubber as well as the development of the additive for the weight that worked gave the product the functionality of releasing in the spin cycle. After the product launch we designed and had automation built for assembling the ball.

Actif Brute Gel Canister

I was Responsible  for design review  of mold building, molding and assembly  program  and management for product launch at the plant level . The Product design had 6 multi cavity high production molds with a clicker that dispensed the gel product. The team not only created the part but was responsible for the product design.

Rayovac "Renewal" Rechargeable Battery System

The product was designed and developed for ray-o vac . This was a cradle to grave program that was introduced by Rayovac Corporation marketed and sold a rechargeable battery system dubbed "Renewal". It was unique because it used a rechargeable alkaline battery which is very similar to a regular "disposable" battery and it promised to fill the gaps that the nature of "normal" rechargeable batteries left. They had a several year shelf life compared to at best a few months, fully charged they offered the same 1.5 volt power as normal alkaline compared to the 1.2 volts of Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries and of course were much environmentally friendly because they were basically alkaline batteries that could be recharged, no heavy metals or toxic materials requiring special disposal.

 The program entailed collaboration with mold makers injection molders and assembler . It required four molds was launched on time and within budget.