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Going Green in Your Own Backyard

Greetings my Fellow Floridian Tree Huggers

While we are all concerned about what is going on in our world environmentally, there are all kinds of things we need to take care of in our own back yard. So, before we get on our high horse of global warming let’s take a look around us and see if we cannot find some solutions to solve our own dilemmas in our own State.

To begin with our dilemma we must take a peek at the root of the problem preventing us from action, and what exactly is the root? Well surprise surprise it is our political system. Yep that is right… It is our own ignorance of the system that is blocking most of our solutions.

Why is that? Well  it is not really the systems fault for the most part our elected officials are trying to do the right thing to find solutions that work but with all the miss information around they are having a difficult time. Hopefully we will help you with our systyem of information to understand some of the things that can confuse all of us and perhaps find a way to incorporate the green ideas into your own product development project to make our world better.

In today’s global economy we have established many fears about using plastics and their effects on our global environment. This section is will help define what is really meant by being sustainable or biodegradable and how it will affect the packaging on the store shelves.

What is the difference between petroleum based and plant based materials?

Well the obvious thing is one is made from oil and the other is made from plants..but the real difference is how they perform and what happens if they are made to biodegrade.

For a long time plastic was not made to be biodegradable for one reason. We did not want the petroleum based products to enter into our soil. It was better to return the plastic to a recycling center and reuse it. Now we have discovered ways to make all plastics  biodegradable . We also  discovered how to make plastic  with  with plants, so it reduces our dependency of petroleum and we have an alternate source of material anybody can make. The catch is to make sure that what we put in the soil is not please beware not all biodegradble plastics are safe. There are new developments every day so please check with your local green organizations to make your best choices.