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Fundamentals of Mold Making

Mold making has come a long way over the past 40 years. We now understand a lot more about the importance of including collaborative partners that can make the mold perform optimally. In the beginning the mold makers did it all, they developed the melt distribution channels called the runner system, built their own mold bases, and debugged the mold. Now in today’s world the two key parts of the process are typically outsourced due to the high cost of specialized equipment and the use of technology that was not available in the past.

Your product features will dictate the manufacturing process used in making your mold so, Picking the right mold maker on your program is important, our consultants will match you up with the mold manufacture that has a history of your type of part and required volume. They know that  the shape of your part, the type of material, and the volumes you are using will dictate the right choice for the selection of your mold maker.

They also understand the value of estimating the optimal cycle times that will lead to smaller cavitations and smaller presses. Getting this correct will lead to less capital investment for your product giving you optimal prices for the highest quality.

For more details Click on the menu buttons on Hot runners and mold bases will give you an idea of the partners we now use and why.