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Mold Design

All molding problems are designed into the mold and are easily identified if you know what to look for.

This next section will provide a systematic way to know how to look for the tradeoffs that are made in the mold design process and explain options to eliminate them or minimize their effect.

Buttons Names

1. How mold cost are established

2. Best Design Practices

3. Tolerances

4. Cold and Hot Runner design

5. Cooling design

6. Ejection

7. Press Interfaces

8. Steel Selection

To be a good mold designer means you have to understand your customers needs. When you think about it  a mold designer has  to satisfy many different customers.

The designers customers can be divided into five main disciplines

Mold Designers Customers

  1. Mother Nature (Laws of Physics)
  2. Consumer
  3. Manufacturer
  4. Molder
  5. Mold maker

Having this many customers makes teaching and learning  the topic of mold design   very challenging. One  decision affects one customer differently  than the other.  This means that a mold designer  must be a juggler of information. What turns out to be good for one customer is bad for another.  To keep this task as simple as possible  the course material is laid out in a fashion that follows the actual thought  process. There is one common thing  about satisfying all customers,  because ultimately all customers want the same thing… inexpensive quality parts or service when they need them.

Obviously that’s not a realistic goal every time. We live in an imperfect world  so the best we can do is try  to identify  the best design options that will get them as close to their goal as possible.

To be considered a good designer you must identify the potential problems and give the customer a chance to have input into the choices that need to be made. As you go through this course we attempt to show  you the results of choices made and help you recommend the best one. As with every project there will be more than one-way to solve the problem and so many times there will be more than one right answer. The choices are very rarely considered  all good . There will be good and bad trade offs for each choice.

It is the mold designers job to identify the path for the design with the best trade offs. It is estimated  that 90% of all problems with products are designed into the part and mold design, either unknowingly or by design.

To help you understand this you will review some of the plastic part properties and then examine some problems that are most common in the molding industry.

There are over 50 interdependent choices that go into a Mold design. Learning each one and how they work is the key to making a good molded part.

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