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Mold Construction

To construct a basic mold you will need are a few metal plates  and some key elements to allow the material to be conveyed to the part and some cooling channels with a way to eject the part from the mold once it is molded.

Now how we construct the mold will depend on a basic decision the part designer has made .Is the part round or square are two simple ways to understand what kind of mold we will need to construct.

A product development manual that describes the process and the interdependent elements that play a part in how  decisions is made is available to our members, Or if you do not want to be a member and  want to purchase the manual without joining  we can make it available to you. Check out our resources button  and order the manual on line. Still not sure you want to spend the money? Thats Ok We will give you the simple basics on this page. Because if you really only want basic information on mold construction there is no need for the manual.