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Hot Runner Manufacture

Hot Runners have become a sophisticated product in today’s product development world as we continually have improved the systems. We all learn from our mistakes. There only a hand full of hot runner manufactures that control the Market that have been able to capitalize on their mistakes and have put in place intellectual  property agreements.

While it goes without saying each hot runner manufacture has learned differently by its mistakes and used it to develop their own manufacturing strategy for certain market segments. In our experience only one has clearly adopted a strategy to address the flow of plastics in such a way that we can improve the final product to a point of almost perfection in a multi cavity mold.

The company we would recommend for most applications is Incoe, as they have demonstrated the  true art of innovation in improving hot runner efficiencies and effectiveness.

We invite you to explore their product line as we believe that they are currently leading the way for the best solution in regards to cost and constituency.