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Defining Terms and Concepts used in Product Development for the Thermoplastic Industry

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Welcome to Our World of ThermoPlastic Product Development

To learn Thermoplastic product development concepts requires that we agree and understand the meaning of the words and the concepts used in Injection Molding and Mold Manufacturing industries. This is necessary because many English words have multiple meanings so we tend to create jargon. This practice makes it more difficult as those outside our industry find it overwhelming to understand (This can also contribute to feelings of inferiority and helplessness to the newcomer). We have found that most people feel better about their learning experience with us if they know little about what we are helping them do ...So we have created a mold manual with illustrations that describes each  area of the mold and how it functions to keep the confusion down to a minimum.

If you are new to our industry ,we would encourage you to take a look at the Beginners Mold Manual before you dive into a product development program.  If something does not make sense we would welcome your feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve.  Please email us at

"The beginning of wisdom is a definition of terms."
-- Socrates

While the Standard Global Language is English, we understand that global visitors outside the English speaking countries may have some trouble understanding the concepts of a Mold. So it is our goal to provide this web in your language to help you understand better. Our hope is to bring our worlds closer together so we can help each each other be more sucessful. We may not have the sentence structure right for your language because we are not as good at using your language as you may be.  So we would welcome any feed back to help us improve this area.

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