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What is Injection Molding

Defining injection molding can be broken down to a very simple process. The process entails putting energy into plastic to change the material state from solid to liquid so it can be molded and then removing the energy to change it back to a solid so it can be used.  A quick tip here is that doing this as quickly as possible will reduce the cost of your molding but will also increase the cost of your mold. So you will need some help with these two trade offs for your program to find the right solution, Paying less for a mold can hurt you in the long run , but paying to much for a mold for small volumes can hurt you too. Our Consultants can put you on the right track to your goal of making more money.

Finding the right molders for your product can be difficult, because most molders typically avoid new products that are in their beginning stages like the plague and if you think about it you will understand why. We have all heard about the 80/20 rule. 80% of your problems come from 20% of your customers. Read below and you will understand why that is true.

We have learned over the years that new product development concepts by nature have inherent problems built in that have not been properly identified and they cannot get the attention they deserve in a production facility. A molding plant needs to focus on consistent and predictable production volumes and cannot afford to have unexpected problems and delays.

In addition to all the problems in new products they have not developed the volumes that major molders require to be profitable. As a result the molding manufacturing facility and their customers must limp along with multiple conflicts of time and priorities while simultaneously trying to maintain other more profitable production needs. In our past experiences our staff has lived through this process. So, we totally understand the critical importance of having a fully debugged manufacturing system in place with the high volumes to support it as well as how to get you into the production stage and making money.

Filling Your Need for Success with a Bridging Strategy

If you have a dilemma of finding the right partner to start you new product idea, this is where our team can help supply a solution and where we really shine at OS&C.. We have developed collaborative partners that are organizationally set up to deal with these dilemmas. We have developed an array of specialized services to help bridge the gap between concept and full production. We have a 24/7 molding operation  that can be flexible to meet your short term needs.

By using tthe service called the “Bridge Molding Service and Systems TM” it allows your new product development concepts time to mature into a fully debugged manufacturing system. We are involved in the initial phase of the product development and  can even go the extra mile and show you how to minimize the problems and help keep your project on time and under your budget. By maximizing operating efficiency we can supply the end customer with the lowest cost possible.