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If you have asked this question, you know from experience that the answer is always - it depends. What makes us unique is that our service not only tells you what it depends on, we give you solutions.  Our Solutions will minimize your costs and help you know the exact strategy you need to follow in order to minimize your risk. This ensures you a better chance of launching your product within the budget required to be competitive. 

How to get started:

We offer a free, convenient online consultation that will help you determine how much it will cost to produce your product. We can be your guide to get you where you need to go.

We can also send you some links to product cost analyses we have done in the past. That way you can see where you are headed. We do this upfront so there are no false promises or expectations.

Just send us your contact information and a brief description of your idea and we will send you a sample analysis, along with a few questions that may qualify you for an introductory consulting offer that will meet your budget.

Please understand that our estimates are made based on the assumptions we use in our own mold design. If the molds are built by anyone other than us you might get a big surprise if the mold does not produce the expected cycle time or meet your quality requirements.

Note: while we are looking at your part we will be looking at it from a manufacturing feasibility standpoint.

Need a full blown budgetary report? See the list below for pricing: